An automated transcription and speaker recognition solution with WebEx meeting integration. The DiScribe bot processes Webex meeting invitations and dials in autonomously. At meeting completion, the bot produces a meeting minutes text output where each speaker is identified. The meeting minutes are emailed to each participant. Additionally, DiScribe provides access to meeting minutes for previous meetings via a web UI. See the project wiki for more details


Website for Oloff Biermann, Family Lawyer. Utilizes a responsive design. Supports client appointment scheduling and business info lookup, including Google Maps integration and descriptions of services. Also provides access to the latest client feedback and examples of successful previous cases.


A distributed file sharing system with a supporting REST API. Users can share an unlimited number of files via a simple GUI. Uses a centralized index system that accepts client requests to share files and then records this data. Clients can also request particular files to download, and will be matched with other clients which are sharing those files. Thus, a connection between clients can be established, if any clients are sharing the requested file.

Tutorial platform with EML parser

An online learning system with tutorials and quizzes. Uses an educational markup language (EML), an XML-based language which holds tutorial and quiz info. The EML parser produces HTML which is accepted by the browser. See the project repo for more info.

Canvas slideshow

An HTML Canvas progressive web application (PWA) which supports various transition effects. These effects include manual advance, automatic advance, and randomization. Preloads images that are specified in a JSON file on the server side to avoid delays in image loading when transitioning to a new image. See the project repo for more info.