Other interests

other interests

  • Wildlife photography

    I’ve been an avid wildlife and nature photographer since an early age, particularly bird photography. This has given me an excuse to go for long hikes in many amazing places in BC. It has also given me the opportunity to use my pictures in web projects. Have a look at some of my best pictures here.

  • Fly fishing

    Like photography, I’ve been interested in fly fishing and fly tying my entire life. I mostly fish the rivers around the Vancouver area for migratory salmon and trout, and I also enjoy rainbow trout fishing in the Thompson-Nicola area. Fly fishing gave me the inspiration for my first website, which was a guide to fishing in Vancouver, with a display of real-time water levels.

  • PC hardware and PC building

    I have always liked to ask “what if” questions. I think this is why I find it very interesting to assemble systems and tweak BIOS settings to try and get the best possible performance. This has given me a more tangible understanding of what is happening behind the scenes when I execute a program.

  • Tennis

    I’ve played tennis for 12 years and have competed in several ameteur tournaments. I’m also an avid follower of the top players. If you asked me who is my favorite player, I would say Roger Federer, but I greately respect Nadal and Djokovic as well.